Posted by: G.Q.™ | November 27, 2006

Ma Elak Ella Haifa!


On Monday 13/11/2006:

My back tooth filling broke in the morning at work. I’d never been to a free “governmental” dentist and I would never go to one no matter how simple my situation is. Not a dentist no!

BUT …I don’t know what’s got into me that day to decide to go to Ahmadi Hospital which has a great “false” reputation of being one of the best Hospitals in Kuwait …and since I’m in the Oil Sector …so why not try it since it’s only a small filling fix!

I asked a co-worker ..he said ask about Haifa – which is supposed to be a good butcher.. I mean dentist who also gives quick appointments – to make that clear ..yes I said quick appointments because the system in Ahmadi Hospital is you go first for a check up even if you are in pain, they give you a temporary relief until your “real” appointment comes which could be within 3 weeks or a month …sometimes more.

Haifa put a quick and sloppy white stuff filling that I kept tasting until I reached home. I convinced myself to wait and see what happens.. I didn’t want to misjudge the great dentist!!

On Saturday 25/11/2006:

At 7:15 AM, That was the closest appointment I could get. I arrived at 7:00 AM ..

After 15 mins a nurse came out screaming out my company’s ID number ..

Me: Yessssssss

Nurse: Follow me please.

Haifa: Hello Ghazi.. how are you feeling?

Me: Hi Haifa ..I’m ok ..a little sleepy though ..

Haifa: Ok please lay down ..and lets start ..

Me: Are we going to need anesthesia?

Haifa: no no it’s just a filling no need for it ..

Me: *worried* hmmm ok.. !!

Tools noise …zzzzzzzzzzz khkhkhkhkh zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Haifa: It’s ok just hang on!! …I see you have cavity underneath the filling!!


Haifa: Ok ok Ghazi I’ll give you now one injection …open your mouth wider..


Haifa: allrrriighhtttt …thereeee youuu goooo …

With normal dentists ..they wait about 15-20 minutes for the injection to take effect. But with Haifa ..there is no time!

Her office speaker called and there was the secretary telling Haifa she has another appointment 7:30 AM …which means I had only about 5 more minutes to finish.

Haifa: Ok lay down Ghazi let’s finish!

Me: But I need more time to feel numb! …we can’t start now it will hurt again!

Haifa: But we can’t wait I have someone else in 5 minutes!

Me: Wana shako!! … I have to be tortured for the next patient’s sake!!

Haifa: Laa laa inshallah mafi torture wala sheeee …lets start!


Haifa: Ghazi …what do you say I give you another injection now and you go wait outside until I finish?!

Me: What planet am I in?! ..What is this?

Haifa: Sorry Ghazi but this is the Hospital rules only 15 minutes for every patient.

Me: Ya salam!!! …wallah farg!!

Haifa: Yes Ghazi everybody differs in how they react to anesthesia so maybe your body needs more time.

Me: No that’s not what I meant …I meant wallah farg between “khaa9 and 7okoomi”

Haifa: What do you mean by that? …ish 2a9dak?!

Me: 2a9di elli 2a9di! …khoosh mostashfa!! …I’m outta here!

I left the worst hospital in Kuwait with an empty tooth and can’t breath through my mouth because the cold air hurts my filling-less tooth!… and went to 7awalli to a dentist Clinic I’d been to a couple of times before. With a great lebanese dentist …he gave me two very soft injections and allowed me to wait for 20 mins until I felt all my right cheek numb. Then he worked on it for over one hour to give me the best results with no pain!…

While Haifa had only 15 mins to fix it!!

And yeah ..there was no cavity underneath.

Moral of the story:

Never go to a free female dentist. (oops)



  1. Salamat matshof shar ,, 3ad al3an shay 3awar el thirs ,, momkin aro7 7g 7koma 7g ayshay el el teeth ..

  2. oohhh.. poor you.

    next time ask the dentist expert…moi 🙂

  3. LooooooooL… and i thought men loved haifa :p

    maskeeen i feel sorry for u… bas if i were u ur place i would of stopped her or drilled a whole in her teeth so she will know how it feels like to be in my place ;p

    Bas tabi ilsara7a, il7okoooma ‘can be’ better (not always, well rarely :p) , lana now private dentistry do ‘wacky’ things just to get ur money even if u dont need it…

  4. Lavender: Allah ysalmich ..yeah toooba ba3ad.

    3abeer: Are you a dentist? 😛

    Bella Color: maykhalif I will pay more bs elmohim no pain and good treatment.

  5. This made me crack up mn galb HAHAHA!! Get well soon anyways.. i’m suffering from my wisdom teeth madry shno alla ya5ith-hom ahhaha… It’s my first visit to your blog.

  6. SuperNitfah: I pulled out all 4 of my wisdom teeth in one visit with an American dentist when I was in the USA. It’s not really bad when you get a good dentist.

    And welcome to my blog. 🙂

  7. I said… I’m a dentist EXPERT 😉

  8. Salamat..but did she look like Haifa?…..:P

  9. Does she look like Haifa?

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